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Name:Ronan O'Connor || Murdered: Soul Supsect
Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:Salem, Massachusetts, United States of America

RONAN O'Connor
small time felon; reformed criminal; loving husband; hard-nosed detective; victim of the Bell Killer; deceased.


Ronan O'Connor, like a lot of people he knew, had been dealt a pretty shabby hand in life. Growing up in a tough neighborhood and an even tougher household, he didn't really stand much of a chance when he was a kid. His criminal career started at a pretty tender age, pick-pocketing the strangers and tourists that visited his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. His father commemorated the occasion by tattooing a flaming dollar sign on Ronan's right arm. Since then, his tattoo collection has expanded significantly.

Grand larceny, grand theft auto, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, Ronan's done it all. He's been stabbed at and shot - he nearly died on one occasion and promptly had a the grim reaper tattooed over the scar tissue - and, eventually, was caught by some undercover cops and sent down. But when he got out, everything changed. He met Julia. She was his saving grace and, without her, it's pretty damn certain that he would've died a lot sooner. They got married at the local church and, thanks to Julia's brother, Rex, Ronan was able to move on from his criminal past. Kind of.

A lieutenant in Salem's Police Department, Rex sets Ronan up with a job, hiring him as a police officer. With Ronan's ingenuity and criminal past, he very quickly climbs the ladder and is eventually made a detective in the department. Everything was finally looking up. Until Julia was killed. Three years ago, she was murdered trying to break up a fight between two men and Ronan, overwhelmed by grief, threw himself into his work.

He got more tattoos, more scars and, eventually, the most important case of his life fell into his lap. The Bell Killer. Already suspected of brutally killing eleven people bare-handed, Ronan eventually tracks the Killer down to an apartment building in Salem. Ronan confronts and attempts to arrest him, only to be overpowered and thrown from a fourth story window. He may have even survived the fall - albeit barely - if the Bell Killer hadn't picked up Ronan's gun, the one his mother had given to him years ago, and shot him seven times in the chest.

Ronan is dead.

And that's changed his perspective on things. He now exists as an incorporeal entity, a restless spirit trapped in a sort of limbo between realities called Dusk. He can't be perceived by ordinary human senses and can't physically interact with the people around him (though when a person passes through him they may experience a sudden chill). But that's not to say that being dead doesn't have its benefits.

He can phase through almost any object, person or walls within a building and, provided the outer walls haven't been consecrated, he can easily step through those as well. He can possess people, which allows him not only to look at the world through their eyes but to listen and sometimes influence their thoughts and memories as well.

He uses all of these newfound powers to try and track down his murderer and find out exactly why he was murdered in the first place. If he doesn't, he'll be trapped in the Dusk forever and, eventually, will lose himself and become like the demons that are currently hunting him, trying to suck out his soul.

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